Celebrity Bio's

Steve Ecklund

Born to a hunting family, Steve Ecklund grew up in the remote parts of northern Ontario, Canada and the thrill of the hunt has been a lifelong obsession since a very early age. He is a nationally recognized archer as winner of the 1999 gold medal at the Canadian national 3D Archery championships.

Steve decided to focus on his hunting career at the pinnacle of his shooting talent. One of few Canadian Cabela’s ambassadors, he has earned an unparalleled reputation as a fair chase hunter. Although he is an archer at heart, he enjoys all hunting opportunities, including black power and rifle hunts.

This year, Steve has realized that not only is hunting his passion, but also a motivational life saver. Recently Steve was diagnosed with cancer, treated, and now in remission. Steve was well enough to travel to Alaska in seek of a Dall’s Sheep for Season 6 of The Edge. It was in Alaska that Ecklund “slapped cancer in the face and made some great friends along the way.”

Cody & Kelsy Robbins

Cody was born and raised on the family farm, located in central Saskatchewan. For Cody riding horses and working cattle was the way of life and continues to this day.

When Cody turned twelve, he asked his best friend Shane if he and his father would take him hunting for the first time. It was during that first hunt Cody fell in love with the sport of hunting.
By the time Cody turned fourteen he was an avid bow hunter. Up to this point no one else in his family hunted, and he needed a guardian to hunt with until he was sixteen. Luckily for him, his 75 year old grandmother was kind enough to come out and spend countless hours in the blind sitting quiet as a church mouse as Cody waited for my prey to pass us by. At the age of sixteen Cody considers himself a diehard hunter and loved to entertain everyone with hunting stories. At that point Cody decided to buy a video camera and try to capture those rare and exciting moments on film. Cody filmed as an amateur for a couple years before getting the opportunity to take his cinematography to a new level.

In late October 2001, Jim Shockey was starting a hunting television show on the Outdoor Channel and needed a full time cameraman/editor, he offered Cody the job. Cody agreed to the life changing opportunity, and started living every hardcore hunters dream!!! Cody spent six years with Jimy and his show, traveling to over 15 different countries, enduring some of the most fascinating moments in the wild! Throughout that experience Cody I received numerous awards such as

The Golden Moose Awards for Best Camera Work, and The Outdoors Writers of Canada Award for The Best Television Show (for which he did the camera work and editing).

In the early spring of 2008 Cody’s dream of producing his own outdoor television show became a reality and created the series

Live 2 Hunt. Cody became the host, cameraman, editor and marketer of his own show television show, which was a little overwhelming to say the least! However Cody realizes the opportunity for a person to do something that they love, every single day of their life, is a rare gig, so the work seems minimal.

Kelsy Robbins

Although being raised as a city girl in Saskatoon, Kelsy has always felt more at home in the country. She has always gravitated towards the outdoors, horses, fishing, and hunting and now these passions have become a lifestyle for her since joining the Live 2 Hunt team.

Kelsy feels the province of Saskatchewan offers some of the best opportunities to hunt s wildlife in Canada.

Kelsy enjoys every moment in the field, whether she is hunting or just a spectator. She admits that she would trade a second of it for anything.